Custom Wooden Products, have Natural differences which makes each piece unique. Our items shown are representations, and use the exact processes to create each piece. Random details in nature dictates how wood grain looks, and how stains are accepted. some nuances are beyond our control, but allows natural beauty to bring life to our works. we strive to maintain a consistent product quality shown in our galleries, Using state of the art tecnology we bring unseen items you "wood" appreciate in your home. as we grow our designs will continue amaze and bring joy to those who appreciate fine wood crafts.

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List items on order form below, submit, and we will send invoice. Once funds are transfered we will ship out as explained usually USPS.  Please Include any  urgency in  message for shipping.
Note: some items are in stock and can be shipped with in 3-4 days.  some may require 7-10 days. Commissions will be indicated in agreement. ALL SALES ARE FINAL

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All of our products are proudly MADE in the USA. All graphics are  designed in house or selected from complimenting sources and vendors. Our work is proudly done BY US and no others are building this business for us but us! Our desigsn are done in house and vectorized using artistic originality modifying all images. Some of our sub components may be sourced from international vendors i.e., wood & hardware items that may be used in our products